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Heckler's Hill Ride

Saturday, February 22nd, 2020

9am - ??


Meet up with fellow Sno-Trails club members at Twin Lakes Tap from 9am - 10am.  Enjoy an eye-opener beverage and free breakfast.  At 10am, we will travel north to "Heckler's Hill" to watch (and heckle) thousands of skiers in the American Birkebeiner Ski Race as they pass by.

Heckler's Hill is on trail 77, just north of Cty Rd OO.  En route, the snowmobile trail will cross the Birkie Ski trail in several spots - use caution, and of course the skiers have right-of-way.

Get in the spirit - bring bells or noise-makers, wear something fun, or make a funny sign to wave.  And make SURE you have a current registration and trail pass.  The DNR will be there.   

The race will continue for hours.  Stay as long as you like, and go wherever you want from here.

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